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CONDENSER (1213) trustlab


Price :$

Code :CONDENSER (1213)

Min. Order :5000 pcs

Capacity :

Source :China

Port :Shanghai Ningbo

Certification :CE/ISO13485/FDA

Payment :T/T,L/C

OEM :Accept 


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Product Parameters


Liebig condensers are a simple condenser design used to cool and condense hot vapor as part of a distilling apparatus.   This 300 mm condenser has a straight inner tube that the condensing vapor passes through and a large outer jacket that cooling water passes through. 

While a condenser can be used in a variety of distillation set-ups, we recommend using this with a Kjeldahl distillation bulb to improve distillation efficiency. 

 This Liebig condenser is designed to be connected to other components using rubber stoppers.   The upper (inlet) tube has an inside diameter of about 17 mm which fits a No. 2 rubber stopper. 

 Use with a ring stand and clamp for suppo


                                                              Liebig with fused inner tube